Next Steps


You have taken the first step onto the Blaze scene.

When an athlete goes through a training and tryout, and is invited onto a Blaze team, a families next step is to fill out a team registration to confirm their acceptance and commitment to their team.

Athlete positions are only reserved once the registration is filled out, parents make a down payment to claim the athlete's spot on the team, and a payment plan is selected.

Once this registration is complete, athletes will be added to the roster, families will be kept updated on all things Blaze related, and an amazing journey on another Blaze season will begin!


Any questions regarding female roster make-up  can be directed to Lisa Van Wyk at (920) 750–5180 or and male rosters to Charles Butler at


Formal acceptance must take place ten days after offer.  It is important to please follow these deadlines, as uniform sizing and ordering must take place the first and second week in February in order for you to receive your custom sublimated uniform before your first tournament.


We look forward to guaranteeing you a bright and successful future - as current and future leaders professionally, and no matter what level of collegiate play you set your sights on.




Welcome to the Family!
2 Timothy 1:6-7 (HCSB)

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Formal acceptance of an offer is determined not when a player commits verbally, but when the player holds their spot with a financial deposit and fills out a detailed team registration.  Please do not skip over the TeamSnap registration! That is our communication engine for our teams.


STEP #1 

Participate in a Training/Tryout for the upcoming season.  If you receive an offer from the Blaze staff, continue along the steps below.


STEP #2 

REGISTER  to complete your Team  PAYMENT

Accepting this online offer and terms, as well as depositing a minimum $250 down payment  via credit card or check secures your athlete's position on the team.


3rd grade Pay in Full 6th grade Pay in Full 9th grade Pay in Full
3rd grade Payment Plan 6th grade Payment Plan 9th grade Payment Plan
4th grade Pay in Full 7th grade Pay in Full 10th grade Pay in Full
4th grade Payment Plan 7th grade Payment Plan 10th grade Payment Plan
5th grade Pay in Full 8th grade Pay in Full 17u Inferno Pay in Full
5th grade Payment Plan 8th grade Payment Plan 17u Inferno Payment Plan



REGISTER  to complete your TEAM SNAP PROFILE and be Rostered onto your Team

In order to complete the TEAM SNAP registration, you will need the following:

  • a birth certificate
  • a report card / or student ID (displaying name and grade)
  • insurance information
  • your doctor's phone number


Step #4

Review the Fundraising/Buyout page to decide on your choice this season and let Jenny know if you choose to do the buyout ($100) rather than the fundraiser ($150). You can email Jenny at


Step #5

Review the upcoming TIMELINE so you know what to expect in the months to come!


Step #6

Make sure to follow us on social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) to keep up with the Blaze!


We are excited for the next season, but for now, good luck with all the basketball coming up over the next few months!

You will begin getting emails from your coaches and director from here on!



There have been questions regarding our offer and acceptance policy.  Here are a few FAQ's

As always, players are encouraged to let clubs know of your intentions as soon as the decision has been made – a player does NOT need to wait until the deadline to accept or decline an offer. Individual clubs may choose to extend offer deadlines, at their discretion, or athletes may ask for this extension.  Be wary of clubs who pressure you before you are ready.  Do what's best for your family and athlete.


As a club, Wisconsin Blaze will provide you with one of three offers: a position on an Athletic, Competitive, or Select track.  An athletic track is primarily more time training under our care, and at times with our Blaze athletes.  The Competitive track is one of our high level competitive flexible teams through our AAU Blaze program.  And the Select teams are the top teams in each grade through high school.

At the high school we offer three specific tracks that are determined by ability, commitment, and future goals. The Competitive and Select HS tracks set athletes up for playing collegiate ball at the Div 1, 2, 3, NAIA, and NJCAA levels.  No other program compares to the Blaze in the way we provide training and competitive opportunities that are customized to meet your every need.


Upon official commitment to our club, an amazing journey and a phenomenal experience will ensue.