You have taken the first step onto the Blaze scene for this new season.

When an athlete goes through a training and tryout, and is invited onto a Blaze team, a families next step is to fill out a team registration to confirm their acceptance and commitment to their team.

Athlete positions are only reserved once parents make a down payment to claim the athlete's spot on the team through the Blaze (Enspire365) system, a payment plan is selected, and a full registration is made through Team Snap.

Once this registration is complete, athletes will be added to the roster, families will be kept updated on all things Blaze related, and an amazing journey on another Blaze season will begin!

Any questions regarding female roster make-up  can be directed to Lisa Van Wyk at (920) 750–5180 or lisa@enspire365.com and male rosters to Charles Butler at charles@enspire365.com.

Formal acceptance must take place ten days after offer.  It is important to please follow these deadlines, as uniform sizing and ordering must take place the first and second week in February in order for you to receive your custom sublimated uniform before your first tournament.

We look forward to guaranteeing you a bright and successful future - as current and future leaders professionally, and no matter what level of collegiate play you set your sights on.


Welcome to the Family!
Coach Lisa Van Wyk
Building Champions for Life
2 Timothy 1:6-7 (HCSB)