Beginning in 2017, the NCAA made it mandatory that all individuals that engage an NCAA certified event must go through an online process to be able to play in a certified event as well. Coaches will not be able to put them into their rosters online until their athlete has completed this step. Click on the button below for instructions.

This is a step by step one page flyer that will walk you through setting up your athlete's account.  Please read and follow the steps carefully.


NEW ATHLETES should create a New User BBCS account.  RETURNING ATHLETES should RENEW their previously created BBCS account and NOT create a new account. This is done by logging in to their existing account and updating the information on their profile rather than selecting Register as a New User button.

Your coach/admin will manually send an invitation for your athlete to be on the team's roster. Make sure to accept to finalize this process!

Blaze Boys 2023

Event Certification & Approvals Group manual for COACHES & ATHLETES provides guidelines, legislation, and steps on how to use the new BBCS.  To ensure operators have all required details for College Coaches that attend events AND to stay compliant with the NCAA, club admins must adhere to guidelines or will be fined by operators.

You do not need to read this entire document.  This is for informational purposes only.