Parents are required to either participate in a $150 Fundraiser or Buyout at $100.  Please review the details below to make the best choice for your family.  Please email Jenny at whether you will choose to do the fundraiser or buyout.  Thanks! Lisa

Option 1: Mike's Popcorn


Option 2: Seroogy's Chocolates



1. Download the order form(s) for the fundraiser options you choose to sell. You can sell both fundraiser options or just one. Paper copies of the order forms can also be picked up at Enspire365.

2. Start selling and collect the money at the time of the sale.  *Checks should be made payable to Enspire365.

3. Turn in the order form and money at Enspire365 on:


4. We will email you to let you know when your order is ready to pick up. Most likely, the orders will be ready to pick up at Enspire365 the week of March 21st.

5. Deliver products to the people that ordered them.

6. To meet the $150 fundraiser requirement, you will need to sell $300 worth of popcorn and/or chocolate. If you wish to decrease your program fee, you can sell above and beyond $300 worth of popcorn and/or chocolate.

Questions? Please email or call (920) 750–5180.



Bagged Popcorn  —  Popcorn Seeds


Bagged Popcorn – $15

  • CHEESELICIOUS — Your taste buds will come alive with the bold taste of cheese.  3 – 5 oz bags — $15
  • CARAMELISCIOUS — Our caramel corn is sweet crunchy and oh so good.  3 – 10 oz bags — $15
  • TRIPLE MIX — Our Triple Mix has our White, Caramel and Cheese.  3 – 6.5 oz bags — $15
  • PARTY MIX — People can't resist our bold cheese and sweet caramel.  3 – 8 oz bags — $15
  • WHITE — Hulless and popped to perfection. It will keep you coming back for more.  3 – 3 oz bags — $15
  • FIRELISCIOUS - Your taste buds will come alive with the bold taste of jalapeno.  3 – 5 oz bags — $15


Popcorn  Seeds – $15

  • HOME PACKETS — Great for machines, stove top and fire pits. So convenient! Everything portioned and ready to pop. Yellow Seed.  8 – 6 oz packs — $15
  • WHITE POPCORN SEED — 5 pounds of non-GMO white popcorn seed.  1 – 5 lb bag — $15



Chocolate Bars  —  Gift Box Chocolates  —  Christmas Chocolates


Chocolate Bars - $1.50 per bar

  • CHOCOLATE MELTAWAY — Our melt-in-your mouth whipped chocolate blend is covered with pure milk chocolate.
  • CHOCOLATE CRISP MELTAWAY — Crisped rice adds a crunchy texture to our Chocolate Meltaways before we cover them with milk chocolate.
  • PEANUT BUTTER CRISP MELTAWAY — We mix crisped rice with our unique peanut butter blend, then cover each bar with milk chocolate.
  • CHOCOLATE MINT MELTAWAY — Our confectioners add oil of peppermint to our Chocolate Meltaways before covering the bars with milk chocolate.
  • PURE MILK CHOCOLATE — Our hand molded solid milk chocolate bar is ideal for snacking, baking, grating and melting.
  • ALMOND MELTAWAY — Pieces of fresh, crisp almonds are added to our Chocolate Meltaways before we cover the bars with milk chocolate.
  • PURE DARK CHOCOLATE — Our hand molded solid dark chocolate bar is ideal for snacking, baking, grating and melting.
  • MOCHA MELTAWAY — A rich coffee flavor is blended with our Chocolate Meltaways before we cover the bars with milk chocolate.
  • SHOCK ROCK MELTAWAY — Carbonated CrystalsTM add a fun, “popping” sensation to our Meltaway Bar, covered with milk chocolate.


Gift Box Chocolates — $12.50 per box

Seroogy’s homemade chocolates are welcome gifts for any holiday, family celebration or business event. Each hand packaged box contains 15–17 pieces, enough for many occasions. Our fundraising gift boxes are filled with the same high quality chocolates we sell in our stores.

  • Assorted Chocolates — A variety of our most popular Meltaways, Nut Clusters, Caramels, Fudge, Creams and other favorites.
  • Meltaway Sampler — An assortment of Chocolate Meltaways, Chocolate Crisp, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Crisp and Almond Meltaways.
  • Mint Meltaways — A whole box of refreshing milk chocolate Mint Meltaways, made with pure oil of peppermint.
  • Caramels — A gift box full of milk chocolate covered Caramels, made with real Wisconsin butter.


Easter Chocolates — $3.20 per figure

Seroogy’s chocolate Fudge Eggs, Bunnies and Lambs are Easter traditions in many families. Use them for baskets, table favors or gifts.


  • 7 oz. Chocolate Fudge Eggs — Our solid Fudge Eggs are made with pure milk chocolate, Wisconsin creamery butter and creamy marshmallow. Each Egg is dipped in milk chocolate and topped with a sugar fower, then boxed.
  • 4 oz. Bunnies and Lambs — Individually formed pure milk chocolate Bunnies and Lambs are packaged in clear wrappers.
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