At Wisconsin Blaze, our goal is to provide the best experience for our athletes that trains them to be champions for life! At the elementary and middle school level, our programs strive to be fun, family-friendly, Christ-centered, and empowering all while keeping the standard of skill development high.

At the high school level, we move the bar up and expect an even greater level of excellence.  We train our athletes to excel...to make an impact for themselves and their team. We give them the training, guidance and tools they need to connect with college coaches through exposure tournaments and player marketing.



Train with the best! Our Wisconsin Blaze coaches have played the sport they coach at the collegiate level and/or have coached at the high school level. These coaches are not only experienced, but encouraging and motivating! We work with our athletes on taking their game to the next level by teaching them the skills they need, both physically and mentally.

We also provide additional training through our Blaze Sports & Fitness sport-specific training programs. There are options for one-on-one, small group and large group training. These sessions focus on fundamental skills as well as agility, speed and strength.


Collegiate Exposure & Player Marketing

If our athletes have the desire and determination to continue playing the sport they love after high school, we provide the guidance, marketing and exposure opportunities to help them realize their dream.

Our athletes have the opportunity to create an online athlete profile page where stats, team schedules, photos and highlight videos can be posted. Our players are also promoted through Wisconsin Blaze social media to a network of coaching contacts at the collegiate level.

We are excited to offer our own college recruitment program through Blaze Sports & Fitness. The Path has three key features: Assess. Train. Promote. Following The Path will help athletes find a college that’s the perfect fit for them academically and athletically.