Our mission is to "Train Champions for Life" and our Values depict that.

Our core values focus on providing a fun, family-friendly and empowering atmosphere, therefore, our philosophy and programming must mirror that passion. We are committed to providing elite sports and fitness training for all who desire to lead an enlightening and inspiring life.

The Wisconsin Blaze approach provides custom training that empowers each of our athletes to excel athletically as well as mentally and spiritually. We support athletes wherever they may be on their journey…whether it's the elite, competitive or athletic stage. Athletes at all stages are welcome at Wisconsin Blaze!

Delve into what each of our values truly look like.



Wisconsin Blaze provides a family-friendly program for multi-sport athletes. Many young athletes excel in more than one sport, and that's fantastic! We encourage and support our multi-sport athletes by gearing our scheduling to enable them to overlap their seasons. Our shortened seasons are intense, yet flexible, so we can minimize overtraining. We encourage families to keep their faith, family, work and athletics well balanced!



Athletes have different needs. Some are ready to play at the elite level and others are looking to develop their skills. But, they all share a love of playing their sport. Unfortunately, once the school season ends, some athletes that want to continue to play are left without a team or a court. NOT at Wisconsin Blaze.

We provide both developmental and elite programs for basketball and volleyball. Our programming includes skills training along three tracks of competition to meet the needs of all athletes along their sports and fitness journey.

  • Elite
  • Competitive
  • Athletic