Your athlete is important to us. We focus on their dreams, their success, and life-long happiness. It is not our desire that you settle for anything less than the best for your child and your family. That's why Wisconsin Blaze was founded and is a non-profit organization.  We work tirelessly to provide the best teachers, mentors, sport specific and life skills trainers for your athlete.

Our coaches and I want you to be 100% satisfied and confident that you are receiving the highest quality and most effective programming, in the healthiest environment one could ever experience!

You only get one chance with your child, so we prepare well to make sure each day is the best it can be. We always work to educate, train, and nurture your athlete completely, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They are our future - their dreams and their passions matter.

We will never charge a program fee, and not deliver the highest quality of service possible. Instead, we provide various memberships for your athlete to excel and reach their goals in life, whether they play at the highest High School, Collegiate, or Professional level.  We train Champions all day and every day!

We want you to be part of a quality organization that supports you through this exciting journey.  We want your experience to be an amazing one, and we want to be with you every step of the way.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Blaze!  We are thankful to be your #1 choice, and humbled to call you family.