There have been questions regarding our offer and acceptance policy.  Here are a few additional FAQ's

As always, players are encouraged to let clubs know of your intentions as soon as the decision has been made – a player does NOT need to wait until the deadline to accept or decline an offer. Individual clubs may choose to extend offer deadlines, at their discretion, or athletes may ask for this extension.  Be wary of clubs who pressure you before you are ready.  Do what's best for your family and athlete.

As a club, Wisconsin Blaze will provide you with one of three offers: a position on an Athletic (no team placement), Competitive (Regional), Select (Midwest), or Blaze Inferno (National) track.  An athletic track is primarily more time training under our care, and at times with our Blaze athletes.  The Competitive track is one of our high level competitive flexible teams through our AAU Blaze program.  And the Select teams are the top teams in each grade through high school.

At the high school we offer three specific tracks that are determined by ability, commitment, and future goals. The Select and Blaze Inferno HS tracks set athletes up for playing collegiate ball at the Div 1, 2, 3, NAIA, and NJCAA levels.  No other program compares to the Blaze in the way we provide training and competitive opportunities that are customized to meet your every need.

Upon official commitment to our club, an amazing journey and a phenomenal experience will ensue.