Please scroll down to find team payment links, and select payment based on the offer provided to your athlete. Thank you! Blaze


#Note: Athletes can start using their training sessions as soon as the program fee is paid for.  They expire in 12 months.  When used up more can be purchased.

##Note: There is a 50% down required for program fee with payment plan. Credit Card fees apply.

###Note: There is a mandatory program fundraiser that athletes must participate in to help offset Blaze expenses.  We have partnered with United Fundraising to provide quality options along with incentives back to the athletes that participate. Once final teams are formed, more information will be provided.  The Blaze program fundraiser (minimum sell $300 to raise $150) helps offset costs not covered by the program fee.  You can choose to buyout ($100) of the fundraiser. More details can be found on the Fundraising/Buyout page under our Resources tab.

####Note: Any teams wishing to do additional fundraisers (ie. for travel expenses) will be handled on a per team basis and run by team parents.



  • Please make sure you are signed in under the athlete's account prior to purchasing the contract.
  • Families with multiple athletes will need to sign into each individual player account.
  • This will assure that all free training and open gym sessions are able to be used by the athlete with no problems.

Accepting this online offer and terms, as well as making a payment towards the program fee, secure's your athlete's position on the team.

A minimum down payment via credit card (with payment plan selected) or payment in full via credit card or check is required to secure your athlete's spot on the team.

If you would rather pay by check to avoid the credit card fees, payment in full is expected.

Please put payment in an envelope with your child's name, team name (ex. 14 Red) and note whether you plan to do buyout or fundraiser. 

You may drop payment off at:

Blaze Sports & Fitness
230 S. McCarthy Road
Appleton, WI 54914 

You can also mail payment to:

Blaze Sports & Fitness
PO Box 7697
Appleton, WI 54912

If you have additional questions regarding payment - please contact Jenny at 920-750-5180 x106 or

Please select your specific payment option according to your grade, offer, and choice of pay in full or payment plan, as well as buyout or fundraiser.

Note: Once your contract is initiated with a minimum down payment, your athlete can start using their training packs at any of our group trainings in addition to the open gyms.  Once they run out, more can be purchased when needed.