Class of  2019
GPA         3.50
ACT           25
Architectural & Interior Design
Major     Exercise Science
Sports    Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
North Key Club
Inspire Sports Volunteer

2017 Conference Champion
2017 Regional Champion
2017 Sectional Champion
2017 D1 State Champion
AN Team Ranked 18th in Country by USA Today
2018 Conference Champion
2018 Regional Champion
2018 Sectional Champion
2018 D1 State Champion

AN Team Ranked 14th in Country by USA Today
USJN All Tournament Team 2016-2018

Volleyball Designated OH/Strong Side Hitter - Starter and spun on JV Volleyball for 2 years for D1 Appleton North State Program in 2016-17 and

Earned starting Libero position Junior Year 2017-18
2017 Conference Champion
2018 Conference Champion
2018 Regional Champion

Softball 3 year Varsity Starter at Center Field
Currently a .400 hitter

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About Nicole Van Wyk

Niki, a.k.a. "Jo," is a 2x D1 State Champion for Appleton North High School, averaging 19 points per game, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists.  She is currently 45% from behind the arc and 95% from the FT line. She competed 6 years for the Wisconsin Blaze with three years on the elite Blaze Inferno team.  Nicole is a stellar athlete and leader with a V8 engine ready to push the limits. Her quickness and intuition sets her team up for success. Her defense consistently provides a spark, creating additional opportunities through deflections and steals.  She is a pass first player, with jaw dropping hits to cutters and post players that fill you with wonder.  But stellar doesn't stop there.  Niki has grown in her quickness and game with drifts and crossovers that leave defenders in the dust.  Niki brings confidence and consistency, while positively influencing her teammates on and off the court. She is clutch. An all around grounded and gifted three sport Varsity athlete, 3 time state contender between Basketball and Softball, Nicole will bring the right leadership and support to any program looking to push their team to a higher level.


Nicole is a phenomenal athlete, standing 5' 7" as a Point Guard and Shooting Guard that makes the offense work. Without her it stalls. With her, she is a floor general, and a natural born leader. Nicole slices the lane and her favorite drive is the Stockton layup along the baseline.

Niki trains at the professional level with Jason Otter and the Enspire365 former pro athletes and coaches. Niki has been working on her shooting form and range since age 5. She is our go to shooter, with set plays directed for her. She is a 48% 3 point shooter, and has extended her range far beyond the collegiate line.

Niki has the best defensive stance, and stays in it to the the end. She's our bulldog, one of our go to defenders when we need to stop the opponent's top gunner or driver.  She mans up and and is still always in perfect help defense. She is a team player. Niki is a hard worker. She is notorious for training hours after team practices, just to work at an intensity and speed she knows will help her succeed.

Niki is a multi-sport athlete. She led her volleyball team as an outside hitter for years before earning a libero position on the varsity team never having played it before. Niki's most natural sport is softball, making Varsity as a Freshman. She is one of the top three hitters for a 1st Conference, 9th in state, High School team. She has been tagged by the Varsity coach as one of the best center fielders that have ever gone through her school. Transferring to a bigger school for greater competition, she continued to start, compete, and shine, continuing to start at Center, hit .400 and field beyond measure. Her speed and ability to catch anything from the fence into the infield at any height or angle is unreal. But basketball is her passion and she works to be all she can be for her team, coach, and school.

As a sophomore, she transferred to Appleton North High School and competed on an undefeated National State Championship Varsity team. She is a two time National Defending Champ in D1 Basketball on her team that is ranked the top 18 in the country by USA Today. Niki would be a great addition to any university. She has set her eyes on D1 and D2 schools. Niki is currently considering a degree in business and architectural and interior design.  She has not solidified her direction as of yet.


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From the Desk of Niki

My vision for college is to find an institution that will help me develop as a person of influence and major impact in the communnity.  I want to be a successful woman who uses my passion to help others.  I believe sports, and participating on teams, provides great examples on how to get along with and positively impact others.  I'm excited to find the right school for me and be the right athlete for you.  My Christian faith and being a good teammate are very important values to me.  I would love to be part of a university that has a community feel,  where athletics and academics support and complement each other. I look forward to your call.  You can contact our President Lisa at Wisconsin Blaze 920-750-5180 or Head Coach Steven Baker 920-530-7005 to discuss my qualifications. I look forward to serving you well!