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​Wisconsin Blaze is a non-profit sports organization committed to providing:

  • Experienced coaches focused on competitive development

  • A program and teams that feel like family

  • The most competitive experience for our athletes

  • Exposure and recruitment opportunities for our athletes

  • Competitive practices that enhance individual skills while focusing on team concepts

  • An environment that supports our athletes academically, socially, and athletically

  • Training that builds leadership and life skills within the game

Every year, athletes must attend one tryout for their sport.

Wisconsin Blaze holds tryouts for the following reasons:

  1. To make sure that the Blaze is the right fit for your family

  2. To evaluate your athlete on their current skill level for the upcoming sports season

  3. To place your athlete on teams with athletes of similar ability so that their coaches can most efficiently and effectively meet their needs


Membership costs associated with participating on a team can be found on our Basketball Program Fees and Volleyball Program Fees pages.

We look forward to having you as one of our family!


Select either Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball or  Volleyball to follow on to your sport of choice.

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