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5'10 | G/F | Class of 2024

Ripon High School

GPA: 4.0

MAJOR: PT / Sports Management /  Sports Psychology

ACT: Pending

SPORTS: Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer


(x2) 2022 Tournament All-Star

2022 East Central Conference - Honorable Mention 


Blood Drives

Youth Basketball Camp Coach

Christmas Shop Shopping with Elementary Schoolers


"Karsyn is a beast! She goes 1000% all the time. She is fearless, competitive, and physical. Her athleticism and speed lends itself to an explosive athlete who brings the energy and spark that lifts your team to a higher level. Karsyn is a high IQ shooting guard who can also take her opponent both off the dribble and posting up inside for added versatility. Karsyn is smart, honest, and bold, always looking to raiser her and her teammates excellence to a new level!"

- Lisa Van Wyk, Wisconsin Blaze President & Head Coach

The program I am looking for is a program that feels like home. I want a team that feels like family and is made up of people who support me endlessly. I also want a team that will not only push me to be the best player and person I can be, but will also hold themselves to a high standard. I thrive in environments where everyone is working their hardest because it matches the intensity I work with. I constantly strive to get better than I was the day before. I set goals and I don’t back down until they are met.

I am a very versatile player and able to perform at a high level in different positions on both ends of the court. On the defensive end, I am a lockdown defender. When placed against strong offensive players I shut them down with my quickness and ability to anticipate their next moves. On the offensive end, I am able to score from a wide range of areas, even when I am being heavily guarded. I use patience on offense to make the most logical moves. My high basketball IQ not only helps me to be successful, but it also helps me guide my teammates to be successful. I look forward to meeting you, and I hope I can be the right fit for your program!

- Karsyn Bauman (Class of 2024)



College Coaches, please contact Lisa Van Wyk at or​ via Twitter

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