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6'1 | G/F | Class of 2026

Shawano High School

GPA: 4.0

MAJOR: Dentistry

ACT: Pending

SPORTS: Basketball and Volleyball


2023 All State Honorable Mention

2023 Bay Conference Leader in PPG (20.7), RPG (10.4), and SPG (4.1)

2023 First Team All Conference - Bay Conference

2023 Co-Defensive Player of the Year

2023 Freshman Academic Optimist 4.0 Award

#4 Ranked by Prep Girls Hoops

(x3) 2022 Tournament All-Star



Single Game Point Records @ 36 pts

Single Season Point Total Record @ 477 points

Single Season Rebounding Record @ 228 rebounds

Single Season Steals Record @ 91 steals


2023 Freshman Season Totals

477 points, 228 rebounds, 91 steals, 45 assists


"Leah Nordin is one of those athletes you just can't stop watching. She brings an energy and passion that just transforms the game. Her sheer presence gives everyone around her confidence they can win because they have Leah. Leah has an incredible motor. She never stops battling for the ball and the score. She doesn't just defend, she hunts. She hunts to get the ball and she is always hunting for a score. And it's always to be as excellent as she can be for the game and for her team. She has an IQ that is continuing to soar and will reach unbelievable heights because of her physicality and pure love of the game. Leah is a unique Point Forward who can be the best floor manager, attacking the gaps, creating options for her team, distributing to others, and finishing off combo moves inside. And when a shot goes up?! You can bet her vertical will be the one that will carry her to another win. Leah is a transformative figure both on and off the court. She will continue to make an impact in everything she does, because Consistent Excellence matters to her!"

- Lisa Van Wyk, Wisconsin Blaze President & Head Coach

There's just something about this game… the fans, the refs, the atmosphere, the opponents, and the rush of excitement from stepping on the court are why I love this game. Every game is different, and no two outcomes are going to be the same. Each game brings new challenges that make my adrenaline kick in. I am very aggressive when it comes to driving, shooting, and rebounding. I can attack the rim from anywhere on the court. Growing up and always being the tallest on the court has brought me a passion for wanting to get every rebound possible, whether it be on offense or defense. Because of my height and length, I am very aggressive when it comes to defending any position from a point guard to a post. I am always wanting to learn new skills, drills, and how to improve on the things that I already know how to do. I take pride in my work ethic and being a very coachable player. I want to be part of a program that will challenge me every step of the way and help me develop my skills, so I can be the best player I can be.

- Leah Nordin (Class of 2026)


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College Coaches, please contact Lisa Van Wyk at or​ via Twitter

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