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6'3" | F | Class of 2020

Hortonville High School

GPA: Pending

MAJOR: Management


ESPN Statistics

UW Milwaukee Bio & Stats

WISSPORTS - Macy HS History

2020 FVA Spotlight

2019 FVA Spotlight

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 D1 State Contender

Wisconsin All State Tournament Team

All-Fox Valley First Team

Basketball Coaches Association all-state in Division 2 after leading Hortonville to a 25-1 record. Also a second-team Associated Press all-state pick. Averaged 17.3 points and 7.9 rebounds. Fox Valley Association player of the year and unanimous first-team selection.

McGlone and Draheim sign NLI's

USJN All Tournament Team 2016-2019

Louisville, Run for the Roses Champion 2019

Atlanta, National Champion 2019


11/9/21 - BALL STATE
19 min: 10 pts, 2-3, 67% FG; 6-6, 100% FT; 6 RBD; 1 AST
"Macy McGlone finished incredibly well in the paint and from the
free throw line while also leading us in rebounds per minute of play."

16 min: 10 pts, 5-7, 71% FG; 8 RBD; 4 STL
"I thought the highlight of the game was Macy McGlone. She was comfortable. She didn't play with nerves. She just went out there and kept it simple."

2/17/22 - IUPUI
11 min: 7pts, 3-3, 100% FG; 1-1 FT, 100%; 1 RBD
Macy McGlone stepped up and went 3-for-3 from the floor
and 1-for-1 from the free throw line in just 10 minutes of action.

2/20 - GREEN BAY (Video)

Prep Hoops | Macy McGlone | Hortonville | Senior | 6’2 F | 2020


"Macy is a phenomenal athlete, standing 6'3" as a Power Forward and Center that makes the offense work.     Macy is a stellar athlete and leader with power that will move any size competitor.  Macy can play outside in, driving from the top of the arc attacking the boards with only one dribble, and yet play with her back to the basket tapping into her solid post moves and counter attacks. Macy can slice the lane, pull up for a mid range jumper and unexpectedly fly through the lane battling and ripping down the ball for rebounds and extra buckets. Macy battles hard defensively consistently protecting her team with deflections, steals, and blocked shots.  Macy adds to her team's threat by quickly releasing down the court for supreme primary breaks and releases from her guards. Macy mans up and and is still always in perfect help defense. She is a team player, hard worker, and is notorious for training hours on her own each week.  At UW Milwaukee, Macy averaged over 9+ minutes per game and shot 93% from the Free Throw Line.  Macy will elevate any team she is on and will work hard for any coach. She loves to be pushed and only expects greatness from herself.

Macy spent 7 seasons with the Wisconsin Blaze, as one of the founding athletes and families, and spent her youth and high school career competing up one to two grades because of her athleticism, speed, power, and level of skill year to year. Macy trains at the professional level with former Blaze college and pro athletes and coaches. 

In High School, Macy's offensive game lit up the court as she consistently scored 68% inside the arc and 85% at the free throw line, for 17+ points per game, while adding 8 rebounds per game.  Macy was an all around grounded and gifted two sport Varsity athlete, in Volleyball and Basketball, and a four time State D2 Basketball Qualifier. 

Macy is a Conservative Christian young woman, whose faith is important to her and ultimately fuels her to be her very best for her team and University.  Being part of a positive, team oriented, family environment, led by a conservative values based coach, who works hard creating a culture of trust, opportunity, and growth is most important to Macy.  Macy is a D1 level athlete receiving interest and recognition at every level but is looking for the right fit at the D1 level. Macy is working towards a degree in Business, loves to read and write, and spend time with her family including her three younger brothers."

- Lisa Van Wyk, President of WI Blaze & Blaze Sports & Fitness


My greatest passion in life is basketball.  Through basketball, I have learned many important skills such as teamwork, leadership and hard work.  Basketball has improved my life and made me a better person.
My number one goal, that I always dreamed about, was having the opportunity to play college basketball after high school. I believe having basketball in my life is a gift that I have an obligation to nurture and use to its fullest.
My other ambition, stemming from my core Christian values, is to be a positive influence in my community as well as the communities of others.  I want to have a lasting effect on the world so that it is a better place after I am gone.  These values also push me in basketball, and therefore, are important to my growth both on and off the court. 
Now that I'm in college, my goal is to take my abilities and ambitions to another level and share them with a program and university that I can professionally contribute to, positively impact, and together, help our community be its very best. 
I am extremely grateful for the opportunities my UW Milwaukee coaches and professors have given me over the last two years, for the friendships I have been blessed with, and the fans I have gained.  After careful consideration and continued prayer, I have decided to enter the transfer portal.
I aspire to attend a college that will help me reach my goals and bring out the best in me personally and professionally.  In turn, I want to give back to that school through hard work, bringing the best of me, so we can be great together.

- Macy McGlone

College Coaches, please contact Lisa Van Wyk at or​ via Twitter

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