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5'5" | PG | Class of 2027

Hortonville High School

Verticle: 23.5" | Approach Jump: 27" 

Reach: 6'8" | Wingspan: 5'4" | Shuttle: 5.03

GPA: 4.0

MAJOR: Kinesiology 

ACT: Pending

SPORTS: Basketball


  • Pending


  • Associate at the Fox West YMCA working with younger children in the sports and rec department

  • Church Volunteer at annual Vacation Bible School

  • Participant in Sports Fundraiser


"Madelyn is an explosive and versatile athlete with the ability to push pace, control the floor, lock down defenders and maximize her offensive opportunities. She makes the right plays and avoids forced decisions. She is an athlete that you and the team can trust on the floor in any game situation whether you have the lead by 20, are down by 20, or are tied with 10 seconds to go. She has a team first mindset and a competitiveness that is hard to come by. She is always working on her craft, open to criticism, and constantly coming up with new ways to advance her game. She is most effective in the 1 and 2 guard spots as she can distribute when needed and come up with big buckets when you need it as well. Madi is the kind of kid all coaches would want on their roster. She is a kid that brings a 100% guarantee with her game. No complaints. No excuses. "

- Ally Gwidt; Wisconsin Blaze 16 Inferno Head Coach

25 Madelyn Springer 16u Inferno Girls 0M


"I play basketball because of how much of a thrill it gives me. Being out on the court means so much to me because of how much it gives me a feeling of comfort. I strive to put 100% into anything I do, whether that is playing a game or just training. My goal is to be the best I can be by pushing myself beyond the limits anyone has set for me. I find defense one of my largest strengths. The adrenaline you get from playing amazing defense is like no other. Getting steals is great but playing solid defense to shake up your opponent is a satisfaction that gives a great feeling to any player. I am a quick guard who sees the floor really well and also plays with leadership and communication at all times. I want to become apart of a program that values the team aspect of the culture and will always push me to be the best possible player I can be."

- Madelyn Springer (Class of 2027)

College Coaches, please contact Lisa Van Wyk at or​ via Twitter

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